Bridies Bar & General Store

 Bridies Store offers high quality specialty coffee produced by skilled baristas together with a large selection of homemade pastries, sauces, oils and treats, prepared daily on-site. 


It also serves as a gift shop, boasting Irish made goods, like our large Voya range, Chunky Knits by Lisa, Pog mo Home candles & so much more. 


Entered through saloon doors reminiscent of a speak easy. The chat is always plentiful and only on big match days is a TV allowed into the Bar. 


To the back there is a long-walled Garden.  Dotted down the garden are bus shelters where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors with a beer in hand, maybe even in the sunshine!  It is an escape from the hustle and bustle. 


If you are any way curious, then why not discover the charm of Bridies Bar & General Store. 

Bridies Upstairs  


There is another small bar situated over the main bar, commonly referred to as Bridies Upstairs. 

Bridies Bar upstairs has its own private bar and seating, and leads out onto Bridies balcony, which leads down into our walled Gardens 

Upstairs at Bridies, is the perfect location for private parties, celebrations, hen parties and lots more. 


If you would like to enquire about hiring Bridies upstairs, you can contact our Events Team at  


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056 776 5133 | 67 John Street, Kilkenny 

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