Meet Sean Read

With nearly 20 years’ experience, Sean offers a vast amount of knowledge and experience to our newly engaged couples. Couples can rest assured that the most important day of their lives is in the absolute best hands 

It is the beginning of an incredibly special relationship that often lasts a lifetime, as Sean welcomes couples back time and time again to the place that holds such special memories for them. 


A little Q&A with Sean himself 


How did you get into Wedding Coordinating? 

I was already working here, and one day the owner Eamon Langton approached me and asked me if I would like to take care of our weddings, and I said yes, and that was it. I loved it from day one! 


What is the best part of your job? 

Seeing all the smiling faces! You can never get enough of that! 


Which wedding venue within Langtons is your favourite? 

That is such a tricky question, it's nearly too hard to choose, as they are so different from each other. Set Theatre is so different, unique, and dynamic, as well as being our own purpose-built theatre it also has a beautiful courtyard too. I do love our Conservatory, it is small but impactful, and the beautiful greenery that surrounds it is just so beautiful to look out at. Our Ballroom is really stunning with 20-foot ceilings but no matter what kind of numbers you add to it, it never looks too empty or vast... but I do think that Bridies may have a special place in my heart, with its old-world charm, it is hard not to love it! To be honest I could not choose, and I do think there is a certain beauty behind that in itself! 


What website or app could you not do without? 

Wedding dates! Absolutely fantastic website and really do use it to its fullest potential. Great for venues like us to help keep in touch with our couples, and great for our couples too! 


What are your top tips / pieces of advice to Wedding Couples? 

Book your wedding in Langton's...  My advice would be, stay calm and do not sweat the small stuff. Do not let things build up, as I say, a problem shared is a problem solved! 


To contact Sean Read:

056 776 5133

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