Set Theatre

A purpose-built Theatre which was designed by the London David Collins Studios. Each detail in this space is bespoke: brass and the use of colour give a luxurious feel. 

Set Theatre has a permanent gallery on the 2nd floor.  The sound quality is excellent in this space.

Set theatre has direct access from John Street and direct access to the Set courtyard. The capacity is up to 250 seated delegates.  There are two full bar areas within this space. (544 m2 - 2 floors)

Structure your meeting/event to suit your requirements.  


We have hosted an array of events such as:  

Early morning breakfast meetings, interviews, group training, networking, demonstrations, seminars, conferences, product & press launches, press conferences, radio broadcasts, films, comedy, fundraisers, theatre, live music and private celebrations. 


Please contact our dedicated Events Office 


Telephone: 056 776 5133  


External Corporate catering is also possible  


Telephone: 056 776 5133

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